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please send an email to: thefedonline1@gmail.com


Some new events have been added to TheFED Calendar.

A new page, On The Record, has been added to TheFED Member Groups.

TheFED Executive Committee will be meeting in Stevenage on the 24th January 2015. 

If you have not already done so please complete the Festival Evaluation Form so we can include your feedback in our 2014 Festival Review which will help us to make next years festival even bigger and better!


The Writing Challenge this month is 'From the Festival'

The Bonus Writing Challenge this month is 'Frames of Mind' This challenge is open to everyone, but especially to all our friends who couldn't get to the Festival this year - we missed you!


You can now complete and submit your Festival Evaluation Form online.

There is a page in our Gallery to commemorate TheFED Writing Festival 2014.
Please send your writing, pictures, audio and video recordings that were inspired by this year's festival to: thefedonline1@gmail.com


The DRAFT of TheFED Constitution has been added to TheFED Files.


TheFED Writing Challenge for November 2014 is 'While I Was Waiting'

TheFED Writing Festival
is fast approaching...


TheFED Writing Challenge for August 2014 is 'Soulmates'


TheFED Writing Challenge for July 2014 is 'In The Garden'


TheFED Writing Festival Page has been updated with the details of our 2014 event.  The Online Festival Booking Form, Buy Festival Tickets, Festival Workshops and Workshop Offer Form are all live and waiting for you to help us make this years festival the biggest and best so far...

02 June 2014

The Writing Challenge for June 2014 is 'Technology' a theme/title suggested by Gareth Cooper, a Member of GROW.

02 May 2014

The Writing Challenge for May 2014 is 'Weather' a theme/title suggested by Ashley Jordan, a member of GROW.

02 April 2014

The Writing Challenge for April 2014 is 'Wish You Were Here' a theme/title suggested by Sue Rabbett, a member of GROW.

04 March 2014

It has been brought to my attention that some people may not be able to view this website properly. 

If you are affected by this, please visit the following site - www.whatbrowser.org - and check which web browser and version you are using.

We are currently investigating compatibility issues with Internet Explorer 10 and 11, if this is the browser that you are currently using I suggest that you use a different web browser while we resolve the issue.

The following browser is a popular alternative to Internet Explorer: - Mozilla Firefox - http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/?from=getfirefox


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01 March 2014

The Writing Challenge for March 2014 is 'Entrenched'

01 February 2014

The Writing Challenge for February 2014 is 'Nothing' - a theme suggested by Paul Evans, a member of Stevenage Survivors.

07 January 2014

The Writing Challenge for January 2014 is 'Circles' - a theme suggested by Sue Rabbett, a member of GROW.

TheFED Writing Festival 2013 has been moved down to the Gallery.

01 December 2013

The Writing Challenge for December 2013 is 'Letters' - a theme suggested by Louise Glasscoe.

22 November 2013

A slideshow of the photos taken by Tony May at the Writing Festival 2013 has been added.

16 November 2013

The Writing Festival 2013 page has been updated.

We are waiting for your comments, evaluations, photos, videos, creative writing and artwork to create a whole page of Festival Memories we can display in our Website Gallery. 

Please complete the online Festival Evaluation Form.

Email your photos and videos to fedonline1@gmail.com

And send us your writing and artwork from the Festival Workshops.

01 November 2013

The Writing Challenge for November 2013 is 'Doing, Being, Becoming & Belonging'.  This theme was suggested by Nick Pollard, a member of Heely Writers.

The Workshop Table on the Festival Workshops Page has been upated.  If you have offered to run a workshop but it is not on the table yet please complete the workshop offer form as soon as possible.

01 October 2013

The Writing Challenge for October 2013 is 'In the Dead of Night'.  This theme was suggested by Sue Rabbett, a member of GROW.

13 September 2013

Pecket Learning Community have a brand new website, with many video clips, sound recordings and pictures celebrating and commemorating the Pecket Well College.

09 September 2013

04 September 2013

01 September 2013
  • The Writing Challenge for September 2013 is 'Heartache'

02 August 2013
  • The Writing Challenge for August 2013 is 'One Wish'

02 July 2013
  • The Writing Challenge for July 2013 is 'Identity'

03 June 2013

01 June 2013
  • The Writing Challenge for June 2013 is 'Lucky'.

08 May 2013
  • 'Wired Differently' a film made by Helen Taylor (GROW) for World Autism Awareness Day has been added to the 'Spotlight' page

05 May 2013

01 May 2013

02 April 2013

29 March 2013

26 March 2013
  • A new page 'SPOTLIGHT' has been created.  This page is to highlight the work of individuals and organisations that fit in with the aims and objectives of TheFED.
  • 'Peoples' Art: Shaping the Society of the Future', 'What It's Like in My Bubble' and 'We Are Poets' have all been spotlighted. 

25 March 2013
  • It was brought to my attention that the writing submission form for this month's writing challenge has not been working for a while.  This has now been fixed.  If anyone spots any other website malfunctions do please let me know by email to fedonline1@gmail.com.

01 March 2013

01 February 2013
  • The Writing Challenge for February 2013 is 'Air'

01 January 2013
  • Happy New Year everyone :-)
  • TheWriting Challenge for January 2013 is 'Invented'

03 December 2012
  • The Useful Links have all been updated - broken links have been replaced where possible or removed where necessary.
  • Check out TheFED Blog to see the writing and artwork produced during our 2012 Writing Festival.

01 December 2012
  • The Writing Challenge for December 2012 is 'Winter'

19 November 2012
  • There is also a Writing and Artwork Submission Form.  Please send us any writing or artwork you did at the Festival (or that was inspired by the festival) so we can display it on the website.
  • If you took any photographs or made any video or voice recordings during the festival please email them to me at fedonline1@gmail.com
  • Future Writing Challenges.  We have no Writing Challenge themes or titles for next year.  If you have a suggestion please email them to fedonline1@gmail.com

01 November 2012

23 October 2012

01 October 2012
  • The Writing Challenge for October 2012 is 'Spooky'.

01 September 2012
  • The Writing Challenge for September 2012 is 'Haiku'.

17 August 2012
  • Due to the large number of complaints I have received about the new captcha validation, which many people are unable to get past, I have disabled TheFED Guestbook.  I have replaced it with a new, captcha-free, 'Visitor's Book' page. 

16 August 2012
  • Could you offer to run a workshop for us?  Use the new Workshop Offer Form to send us the details.

01 August 2012

16 July 2012

01 July 2012

18 June 2012
  • A 'Donate' button has been added to the header and footer of every page.

04 June 2012
  • Could you offer to run a workshop for us?  Use the new Workshop Offer Form to send us the details.

01 June 2012

27 May 2012

25 May 2012
Thanks to Louise Glasscoe (Treasurer & Membership Secretary of TheFED Executive Committee) for setting this up for us.

24 May 2012
  • Do you have a book, album, paper, recording, film or other publication you would like to feature on TheFED Website?  Individual Members can now use TheFED to promote their own publications. 
Submit Your Publication

23 May 2012

21 May 2012
  • The latest information about the 2012 Writing Festival (including Time-Table, Festival Plans, Ticket Prices and Bookings) has been added.

17 May 2012
  • Outdated posts on this NewsFlash page have been removed.

15 May 2012
  • The Past Writing Challenges have now been split up into one year sub-sections.

14 May 2012
  • TheFED Blog has been co-ordinated with the new website colour scheme.

13 May 2012
  • Some of the earliest 'Poetry Express' Issues have been added to the Publications Page.

12 May 2012

11 May 2012
  • There are new (improved?) comment boxes at the bottom of each writing challenge page.  It is simple to use - type your name in the 'from' box, the title of the piece you are commenting on in the 'subject' box, your comment in the large box and then click on 'submit'.  You comment will appear on the site immediately.  You can also, if you wish, sign up.  This will allow the comments system to remember you - so you don't have to type your name in every time you leave a comment - and you may add a profile picture, if you want to.  Sign up is free - just click on the sign up box of any comment box window and follow the instructions.

08 May 2012

  • What's new...
    Everyone loved the colour scheme of Paul's website - so it has been adopted throughout this site. 

    The continuity (font style and text size etc.) has been improved to give this site a more uniform appearance from page to page.

    The Past Writing Challenges from 2009 and 2010 have been grouped together under a separate button. This is to make the website look neater but at the same time ensuring that the older challenges are still easy to find.

    The old 'events' page has been renamed 'What's Going On?' and the items in it have been updated to the most current information available.

    This website is still - and always will be - a work in progress. 

    Please do make suggestions for improvements and additions - and keep
    sending your group's activities and events for inclusion on TheFED calendar. 

    We need your help to make TheFED website interesting and informative to ensure that ALL our visitors, old and new, keep coming back!

26 June 2010

  • Website Created.

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