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What Is TheFED Archive?

The FED Archive is a collection of working class writing (publications, books, pamphlets, magazines, leaflets, news clippings, photographs, audio and video recordings) produced by members of TheFED and the former FWWCP over the past 30 years.

Where has it all come from?

These precious, unique and rare materials have been stored in boxes, lofts, garages, basements and under the beds of our members, unused, unread and largely forgotten about for over thirty years.  

What's being done with them?

Over the past three years we have been gradually collecting together all these treasures and transporting them to their new permanent home.  The TUC section of the London Metropolitan is the home to our Primary Archive.  Every item is being sorted, catalogued, referenced and safely stored by a team of volunteers including Roger Mills, Lucy Parker, Steve Parks, Jess Pauszek and her students from Syracuse University during their visits to the UK.  Any duplicates are being sent to our secondary archive at Syracuse University in New York.

What Now?

The sorting and cataloguing of all the existing materials is about 75 percent done.  This process will never be completely finished because new materials are being produced and added all the time. 

What Next?

The project aims to deliver the following outcomes:

  • a digital archive of published texts and oral histories
  • a curated online exhibition
  • a research resource accessible either via a full online index or University catalogue
  • exhibitions, talks and readings in local libraries
  • reading and writing groups, focus on reading work from the archive on a specific issue such as mental health
  • teaching packs (teaching plans for working on reading and writing with adults/students)
  • volunteer training and ongoing support for skill development (through regular review)
  • short courses on creative writing and social history


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